WHC February 2023 Newsletter

Following on from the November 2022 Newsletter, I can confirm that the Club did re-affiliate with British Carriagedriving at the end of December at a cost of £400.00 (minimum charge).  I have a copy of the Insurance confirmation from BC should club members wish to see it.

As previously advised the changes introduced by BC following its AGM and Conference in November 2022 have filtered down to us at Club level and our membership structure and fees are having to be updated.  This has meant a review of the Club’s Constitution and Rules has been necessary and approval will be sought at our AGM for these changes.   In the coming season, you may notice some increase in event entry fees, which is as a result of BC instigation a start fee levy for all competitive events that the Club runs.  For each competitor the Club will have to pay BC a levy of £1 for an indoor/arena event, £3 for a One Day Event and £6 for a Two-Day Event.  I am hoping to minimize the impact to those entering our events, but entry fees will be regularly reviewed.

The Club is looking to put the following events on.  Not all schedules are yet available, but they will be uploaded to the website and Facebook.

18/03/2023 – Course Builder Training at Lamb’s Farm, TN12 7DG – no charge, all welcome, be prepared for the weather and to learn about obstacle and cone course design from Malcolm Brown, National & International Course Builder.  Refreshments available.

25/03/2023 – Take the Stuffiness Out of Showing talk by Antonia Gallop at Matfield Village Hall, TN12 7LW starting at 5 pm.  No charge for club members. £5 charge for non-club members.  Refreshments available.

25/03/2023 – WHC AGM at Matfield Village Hall, TN12 7LW starting after the talk by Toni Gallop has finished.  All welcome.  Start likely to be at 6:30 pm.

08/04/2023 – Have A Go at Lamb’s Farm, TN12 7DG.  Bring your own turnout and practice using the dressage arena, cones, and obstacles on site.  Schedule soon to be available.

20/05/2023 – World Cup at Lamb’s Farm, TN12 7DG.

03/06/2023 – Have A Go at Lamb’s Farm, TN12 7DG.

19/08/2023 – One Day Event at Lamb’s Farm, TN12 7DG.  Schedule soon to be available.

30/09/2023 – World Cup at Lamb’s Farm, TN12 7DG.

To be Confirmed:

Training at Lamb’s Farm (weather and ground conditions permitting)

Event at Chequer Tree Fishery, Bethersden

Would you want the Club to put on any other type of event? (Social, Le Trec, long reining etc).

Club membership is due for renewal on 1st April 2023 which will run until 31st December 2023.  In future years the membership will be for a whole 12 months starting 1st January 2024.  This is to align the club with BC practices.  New members to the club will be covered from the date they join and are accepted until the 31st December.  The membership categories have been reviewed, again to align with BC.  We can no longer offer a Family or 2 persons at the same address membership as this is not recognised by BC, so from now the categories and costs to join/re-join WHC are:

Single  £35.00 (reduced to £10 with proof of BC Membership 2023)

Junior £35.00 (reduced to £10 with proof of BC Membership 2023)

Non-Driving   £10.00

The WHC website is currently under review, and I am hoping that you will all see an improvement with it.  Do share with me anything you would want uploaded to it or if you see something wrong with it.

Let’s all look forward to 2023.  I want to promote our Club, increase the membership, offer a welcome to new members or visitors, and invite you to consider joining the Committee so I can ensure we meet demand and expectations.